Glad to have you here! If you enjoy aviation, designing, and want to make Infinite Flight better, then you've come to the right place! Infinite Flight contains many airports worldwide, and our mission is to make sure they are as accurate as possible. We're looking for people to help with creating accurate layouts with taxiways, taxi lines, ATC frequencies, and parking spots.

Video Tutorials



Use accurate imagery for airports.
Add taxiways.
Add taxiway lines.
Add parking spots.
Modify runways.
Add airport boundaries.
Snap vertices.



Add runway markings with taxiway lines (this includes runway numbers, blastpad arrows, etc.).
Forget to include a boundary.
Make up an airport - it HAS to be a real airport.

Written Tutorials

Featuredlibrary_booksBeginner’s Guide by Moritz library_booksPlacing images in WED by Nik Barbour library_booksAirport Editing Checklist


Sending Changes

In WorldEditor, go to File - Export as apt.dat. Save the file in the corresponding folder for the airport. Open up an email client (such as Gmail). Send an email to [email protected].



Join our Slack group to discuss with other editors! Let us know your email address via [email protected]. You'll also gain access to slash commands like /airport-info, /i-need-help, /submission-help or /wedomaker, which will provide you quick access to essential information.



Infinite Flight Airport Editing data is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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